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[Classes] Races \ Race Rank Rework

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[Classes] Races \ Race Rank Rework Empty [Classes] Races Race Rank Rework

Post by Gluscap Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:33 pm

Races and Race Ranks are getting reworked. All races (even crossbreeds) will now have something called "Class" (pretty much race rank), which generally determines the strength of the player. Each race has 5 different classes, each one stronger than the previous however the power difference between classes may not be uniform. For example, demons and angels have a uniform power difference between classes across the board. Humans jump in power enormously from class 3 -> 4 -> 5.

Classing Up
Each race will have its unique way of classing up which will solidify the play-style of said race. Class of children will be determined by what class the parents are, not stats. Angels who class up just by living for long periods of time are incentivized to live in and cultivate safe environments. Demons on the other hand are already strong beings but have very short lifespans. To survive and class up they have to eat the souls of others, so demons will rave in chaos.

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