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Race - Demons

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Race - Demons Empty Race - Demons

Post by Gluscap Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:04 pm

"Demons are usually created from an amalgamation of degraded souls. The energy in Olphelia allows for emotions to taint the soul and souls which have been tainted too much become degraded souls. The sin that first tainted the soul will decide which house a demon is born into. Demons don't typically follow their houses' rules, but they usually follow some sort of caste system."

Alignment \ Playstyle
Demons are usually chaotic neutral but can fall anywhere on the alignment spectrum. Demons are short lived creatures, they have the shortest lifespan out of the three main races (angel, demons, humans) but can live for an indefinite period of time if they keep absorbing souls. Doing so increases their decline by 5 but it does take 2 years for a player to digest a soul before they can absorb another one. Their natural decline is 10 years and at a demon's decline they die. They can absorb the soul from anything, even fellow demons if they please to. Its usually more beneficial for demons to be evil so they can get their fill of souls and increase their lifespan.

Demons have a ranking system which allow them to increase their lifespan and strength through ranking up. Due to the high stats mods demons have they don't get any bonus' for ranking up other than increased lifespan. The only way to increase their ranking is to absorb an angel with a higher Divinity level.

Rank 1 - Lesser Demon (10 lifespan)
Rank 2 - Greater Demon (22 lifespan)
Rank 3 - Reaper (40 lifespan)
Rank 4 - Demon Lord (62 lifespan)
Rank 5 - Archdemon (90 lifespan)

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