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Race - Angels

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Race - Angels Empty Race - Angels

Post by Gluscap Mon Mar 02, 2015 2:43 pm

"Angels have been the overseers for Olphelia for millenia, doing so only to preserve their own kind. Aside from natural birth, angels can be born of the remnant emotions left by the naturally deceased. Angels gain their power from what they call "divinity", which they slowly amass over their lifetimes. They're otherwise frail so angels often refrain from killing, which can lower their divinity."

Alignment \ Playstyle
Angels are usually lawful neutral but can fall anywhere on the alignment spectrum. Angels live for very long times, about five times as long as humans do but have very weak physical bodies. They have to train for long periods of time before their stats are decent, but they've got a longer time to do it. Masteries and Professions progress at the same rate, so they have ample time to master multiple professions and masteries.

Angels naturally rank up based on points called divinity. Divinity is gained for how long you've lived for without committing major sin. The only major sin at the moment is killing, killing humans results in a small deduction of divinity, killing other angels is a bigger boost. Killing demons doesn't remove any divinity, so you don't have to worry about that. Once you reach a certain amount of divinity your divinity level increases permanently and you gain a boost in power.

Divinity Lv. 1 - Angel (1x Stat Boost)
Divinity Lv. 2 - Archangel (1.3x Stat Boost)
Divinity Lv. 3 - Ophanim (2.1x Stat Boost)
Divinity Lv. 4 - Seraphim (3x Stat Boost)
Divinity Lv. 5 - Elohim (4x Stat Boost)

It is important to note that these boosts are like a transformation, so you'll always be getting the stat boosts.

Angels can change their divinity through killing. Killing anyone with 50% or more demon blood will result in them gaining divinity. Killing anyone else will result in a loss.

Killing Angels
Depending on the angel rank, you can lose a large amount of divinity.
[Rank 1] -0.25 Divinity
[Rank 2] -0.5 Divinity
[Rank 3] -2 Divinity
[Rank 4] -4 Divinity
[Rank 5] -8 Divinity

Killing Demons
Depending on the demon rank, you can gain a large amount of divinity.
[Rank 1] +0.25 Divinity
[Rank 2] +0.5 Divinity
[Rank 3] +1 Divinity
[Rank 4] +2 Divinity
[Rank 5] +4 Divinity

Other Races
Killing non demons/angels still results in a loss or gain of points.
[Humans] -0.25 Divinity
[>=50% Human Blood] -0.25 Divinity
[>=50% Angel Blood] -0.25 Divinity
[>50% Demon Blood] +0.25 Divinity

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