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[Rework] Nephilim

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[Rework] Nephilim Empty [Rework] Nephilim

Post by Gluscap Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:25 am


Can use own raw mana or absorb mana from other orastones to class up.

  1. Myling:
    Humans with an affinity for mana who age a little bit slower than usual. They can sometimes be confused for demon children because of this and may even be buried alive due to urban myths.[1x Power, 25+ Manacap]

  2. Enlightened Human:
    The nephilim's body is much more receptive to mana, allowing them to hold more than usual. They're twice as strong as their birth form.[2x Power, 50+ Manacap]

  3. Djinn:
    Due to their ability to store quite a larger amount of mana than usual, they often sell orastones with large amounts of mana to people. Since orastones can be used to create a large number of magical items, its almost as if they're granting wishes. They're known as Djinn because of this.[3x Power, 75+ Manacap]

  4. Enigma Force:
    It is said that raw mana is a "nephilim whisperer", that it seeks out nephilim and bonds with them so that it can take form as a humanoid. Nephilims who have absorbed a lot of mana are usually thought to be more mana than person- both mentally and physically.[4x Power, 100+ Manacap, 20 Bonus Decline]

  5. Astral Being:
    Mana incarnate. These beings are humanoid mana beings that are usually shells of their former selves.[7x Power, 150+ Manacap, 50 Bonus Decline]

Nephilim start with a decline of 80. They reach mental and physical maturity at 20. They can get to a maximum decline of 130.

Nephilim are usually born in the Spirit Realm or Olphelia unless their mother gives birth elsewhere.

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[Rework] Nephilim Empty Re: [Rework] Nephilim

Post by renowner Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:28 am

I like the idea of this race, as they slowly allow their mana to take over. in a more serene sense than allowing your Ora to become most of you, as per normal humans. And their whole deal of extra mana. Seems a fairly strong race, their final form being probabally the strongest in all the game.

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