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New profession: Tattoist

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New profession: Tattoist Empty New profession: Tattoist

Post by Solus13 Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:04 pm

The Tattooist is an artist to their core. They seek not only the perfect of form but the elegance of function. After all in a world where demons are likely to pray upon you just as likely as you are to get treated like cattle by angles a person needs to find a practical use for any talent.

People across all cultures had always idolised certain beast of forces of nature and tired to gain some of their power by mimicry but the trio of Mages called De La Sol were the first to find success. theorising that if the body could naturally accumulate Ethereal and magic was the shaping of said power. Then the usage of Ora was just the natural shaping of Ethereal according to ones own spiritual. mental and physical nature. If this was correct than altering a persons physical form could alter their Ora or better yet focus it to a set purpose.


Tattoo are made with ink that is crafted by witches when applied to people or runes made by blacksmiths when being applied to weapons. The material of the runes as well as the quality, effects the engraving for the weapons potency and drain on mana. This is the same or the quality of the ink and colour.

Tattoos and Engravings when applied are permanent unless removed by a master Tattooist (max level) with perfect runes/ink.

5 Tattoos can be applied to a person (one for each limb and back or face)

Tattoo Effects
Increase Mod of stat
Decrease Mod of a stat
Increase mana regen
Decrease Mana regen
Increase max health
Decrease Max health
Alter damage type (elemental/physical/energy)
Add damage type (elemental/physical/energy)

Engraving Effects
Alter damage type (elemental/physical/energy)
Add damage type (elemental/physical/energy)
Increase strength scaling
Decrease strength scaling
Change stat for damage scaling

Tattoo/engraving size
small- 0.5 to effect 0.5 to ink/runes required
normal- 1.0 to effect 1.0 to ink/runes required
Large- 1.2 to effect 1.5 to ink/runes required
Covered- 1.5 to effect 2.0 to ink/runes required


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