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Profession: Blacksmithing

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Profession: Blacksmithing Empty Profession: Blacksmithing

Post by Gluscap Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:34 pm

Blacksmithing has been added to the game as of version 0.8.

All blacksmithing starts at the forge (which can be bought at the embassy) and requires one resource to use. Once you choose which resource you want to use and the type of weapon you want to make, you start to mold the weapon. While the weapon is molding you can't remove it from the forge, but you can go and do other things while waiting for it to finish. While the weapon is in the forge you can see hidden stats for that weapon, once taken out you can never find out these stats again so make sure to look at them at least once. You can look at the stats by walking up to the forge, then looking in your stats tab. Underneath the forge section, you'll see the weapon and its CAP stats, if its ready or not and its stress level. The cap stats indicate not how strong it is, but rather its potential to be a well crafted weapon. All the weapon stats are still 0, to get stats for the weapon you're going to have to bring it to the Anvil.

The forge comes with a few restrictions which can be unlocked through upgrading it.

Forge Lv. 1
Bonus Max Stress: 5
Capacity: 2
Creation Time: 120s
Cost to Upgrade: 20,000 G

Forge Lv. 2
Bonus Max Stress: 10
Capacity: 4
Creation Time: 60s
Cost to Upgrade: 50,000 G

Forge Lv. 3
Bonus Max Stress: 20
Capacity: 6
Creation Time: 0s

After you finish forging the weapon, you bring it to the anvil so you can pour some stats into it. After you place your weapon onto the forge, you can begin to use malleable resources to strengthen the weapon and give it stats. To do this, you put a small amount of ethereal energy into the hammer and begin to hammer away at a resources placed ontop of the weapon. The ethereal deteriorates the material it hits for a few seconds, allowing it to reform ontop of the weapon. Of course, this does put some stress on the weapon even though it isn't hit directly. If you do this too many times it'll completely break the sword and you'll have to create a new one. Weaker resources allow more ethereal to seep from the hammer to the actual weapon, putting a significant amount of stress on the weapon. Weapons made out of weak resources have a significantly higher stress threshold though. When you go close to an anvil, if there are any weapons on it you'll be able to see some of its stats in your stat tab. It'll show you the grade of the weapon, from F to A+. If you create a sword with a cap of 140 base damage (out of a 150 max), it won't be graded out of 140, but 150 even though the cap is 140.

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