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Profession: Witchcraft

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Profession: Witchcraft Empty Profession: Witchcraft

Post by Gluscap Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:28 am

The player can mix drops from NPCs inside a cauldron. By mixing these drops you can create Augury, a name for the components of potions. Depending on the strength of the mob you got your drops from and your witchcraft level, you can create low to high level Augury. By mixing certain Augury, you can make potions (currently elixers, poison and antibodies). Creating Augury and Potions will slowly increase your witchcraft level. The cap is 20 and you start at level 1, gaining EXP for each item you craft. The amount of EXP you get depend on the level of whatever you're crafting.

Current Augury
Lv. 1
Sanguine Elixer
Noruz Tonic
Wraith Pate

Lv. 2
Respine Elixer

Lv. 3
Lextric Mix

Lv. 4

Lv. 5
Blank Sutra

Lv. 6
Mow Potion

Lv. 7
Poison Constituent

Lv. 8
Testron Tonic

Lv. 11
Potent Poison

Lv. 12
Demon Soul

Lv. 13
Demon Will

The level of the item also reflects the level required (in witchcraft) to craft the item. There is no ingredient list for the potions in game, so you have to find out what creates what through trial and error. Currently there are only a few complete items;

Vigor Venom
Vigor Toxin
Vigor Contagion

Weak Antibody
Strong Antibody

Elixer of Life
Elixer of Death

Vigor items can be used to coat a weapon with a slow-acting poison. Once you attack the enemy and proc the poison (25% chance), you place a stack of poison on them. Poison does not damage the opponent's health in any way. Instead, it slows their stamina regen, which can be disastrous for some people. The poison can stack up to three times, and lasts for 20 seconds. The more stacks, the more the poison hampers the enemies stamina regen. There are three levels of poison, Vigor Venom is lv. 1 poison, Vigor Toxin is lv. 2 and Vigor Contagion is lv. 3.

Antibodies are hard to create but they create complete immunity to poison. Weak antibodies give you immunity to lv. 1 & 2 poisons, Strong antibodies give immunity to lv. 1/2/3 poisons.

Elixers of Life/Death are really hard to create, however they give(Life) 5 decline or remove(Death) 5 decline. To user an Elixer of Death on someone they have to be knocked out.

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