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[Rework] Atavistic Human

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[Rework] Atavistic Human Empty [Rework] Atavistic Human

Post by Gluscap Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:05 pm


Steals raw mana (20%) from other players to class up. Has a 1mo cooldown. They can save up to 150% their max raw mana with mana drained from others.

  1. Psionic Leech:
    They often prey upon people who are close in strength, people who don't have that much mana. Their presence is nothing but a minor annoyance to most.[1.5x Power]

  2. Psionic Vampire:
    They've widened their quarry quite a bit, causing concern for people who value raw mana. Due to their tendencies of draining target after target of raw mana, they're known as Psionic Vampires.[2.5x Power, 10 Bonus Decline]

  3. Wraith:
    While they may prey upon weaker foes from time to time, they usually hunt bigger game even if they can't fall the opponent themself. They've been titled Wraiths as they often appear at the deathbed of renowned people to steal their mana before they pass.[3.5x Power, 20 Bonus Decline]

  4. Soul Eater:
    By this point, they are known as soul stealers. When an atavistic human with this much power gets their fill, its almost as if they signal others to take what they want from their prey as well. Once they've successfully taken mana from their prey its fate is sealed, its soul "taken".[4.5x Power, 30 Bonus Decline]

  5. Orochi:
    Known as nothing but demons that spend their time stealing mana from others for their own profit with no sense of morality. With their strength, they can easily do it to and have often resorted to deception to gather mana from those they can't take from by force. They are Orochi, those who cannot be trusted at all.[6.5x Power, 50 Bonus Decline]

Atavistic Humans start with a decline of 60. They reach mental and physical maturity at 10. They can get to a maximum decline of 110.

Atavistic Humans are born in every realm, as they are simply humanoids with no dominant blood.

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[Rework] Atavistic Human Empty Re: [Rework] Atavistic Human

Post by renowner Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:32 am

Interesting. Not terribly powerful, but quite good at concentrating mana. Perhaps best used to create artifacts for a family line, rather than fight themselves. And if they could obtain an "unobtainable" Even a wraith could likely damage and maybe even defeat most fully ascended individuals.

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