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[Rework] Atavistic Human

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[Rework] Atavistic Human Empty [Rework] Atavistic Human

Post by Gluscap Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:05 pm


Steals raw mana (20%) from other players to class up. Has a 1mo cooldown. They can save up to 150% their max raw mana with mana drained from others.

  1. Psionic Leech:

  2. Psionic Vampire:

  3. Wraith:

  4. Soul Eater:

  5. Orochi:

Atavistic Humans start with a decline of 60. They reach mental and physical maturity at 10. They can get to a maximum decline of 110.

Atavistic Humans are born in every realm, as they are simply humanoids with no dominant blood.

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[Rework] Atavistic Human Empty Re: [Rework] Atavistic Human

Post by renowner Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:32 am

Interesting. Not terribly powerful, but quite good at concentrating mana. Perhaps best used to create artifacts for a family line, rather than fight themselves. And if they could obtain an "unobtainable" Even a wraith could likely damage and maybe even defeat most fully ascended individuals.

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