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Ranks & Mana

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Ranks & Mana Empty Ranks & Mana

Post by Gluscap Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:30 am

Players currently have two mana sources. What they get from ranks and what they get from just being alive; both of these numbers can be adjusted for individual players. It is important to note that mana dictates a lot of gameplay. The "world building" is completely controlled by mana, so the less mana income the player has the lower their impact on the world. The higher the mana income, the higher their impact on the world.

Player Mana
The default is 10 Mana gained every month. Admins have the ability to edit the amount of mana people get by realm, race, rank or they can just increase/decrease it by a static amount across the board.

Rank Mana
Aside from rank skills, ranks have the added benefit of giving extra mana. Admins can make up ranks and give them to players (and even remove them while the player is offline) and allow them to get more mana than usual. Ranks can also have increased pools of mana to use.

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