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Boundless v0.91 - Bug Fix Galore

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Boundless v0.91 - Bug Fix Galore Empty Boundless v0.91 - Bug Fix Galore

Post by Gluscap Mon Apr 20, 2015 2:27 am

So this update made a huge amount of bug fixes and a couple of new additions. Took a while, but finally got it done.

Recipe Book + Witchcraft
Witchcrafting has changed a little. Now when you craft an item, you have a chance to craft it if you're below the required level. The closer you are to the REQ, the higher your chances. Failing to craft anything also gives you some EXP to compensate.

You can now buy recipe books at the store. If you craft an item while you have a recipe book in your inventory, the recipe will be recorded in it. Just double click it to see the recipes.

Soft Caps
Soft caps were added. To read more about them go here.

Small Additions

  • Ora Passives properly scale with server gains
  • Weapon damage properly scales with server gains
  • Mastery gains properly scale with year speed
  • Stats now are shown with commas
  • Difficulty of aura mastery increased
  • No safezones in RP servers (npcs still abide by the safezone)
  • Zenzen mentions training with weapons
  • Mob scaling increased

Bug Fixes

  • NPCs decline Village/NPC invites
  • Can't create multiple houses/villages/clanhouses
  • Houses are dense around the edges (note this is only for new houses built after the update)
  • Can't invite someone multiple times to clans/villages
  • Fetus saving works properly now
  • You can't steal from yourself any longer
  • Makyuu is fully functional, gains fixed as well
  • Resource nodes can be gathered with space
  • No more 12.999999 ages
  • Anvils Fixed
  • Admins can now edit items again
  • NPCs decline mate requests instead of holding them
  • Admin Kill/Killing now properly drops the items of the person killed
  • Human Ascension fixed, numbers adjusted
  • When KO'd by NPCs, you now aren't KO'd forever.
  • Resources respawn properly
  • You can now properly grab items with space
  • Ora overlays working properly now
  • RPP fixed, properly scales with gains
  • Kuik fixed
  • Anger fixed, still has a 5 minute C/D
  • Ora Mastery properly caps at 300
  • Lust Demons properly steal decline (the person they steal it from loses 2.5, they gain 5)
  • Dodge/Crit properly working
  • Focus fixed
  • KO'd while flying now properly changes your icon
  • Teleport Fixed (remember only works for clan/village members)
  • Mods on assess sheet fixed
  • Unlock power and other rank verbs properly working
  • Axes now created at the blacksmith properly
  • Items being prepared in the forge now upon reboot will be ready when the server comes back up
  • Random land in the middle of the ocean removed
  • Absorbing souls properly kills the enemy
  • Grab functioning properly

You can download it here:

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Boundless v0.91 - Bug Fix Galore Empty Re: Boundless v0.91 - Bug Fix Galore

Post by renowner Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:40 am

Wow  man, happy to hear it! A really nice looking update, well worth the wait.  

Looking at this feels great! Validating really. You've outdone yourself I think, everything on the bug list is dealt with. Really happy to hear it, and I hope you're proud of your work!
(You should be)

Bad timing on my end though. If it weren't for crap that happened I would've been extra excited, but now I can't test the anvils or anything.  

P.S. Really glad I wasn't wrong about dodge not working right! I can never be sure, ya know? For all I know I just have awful RNG luck.

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