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Catch-Up Mechanic: Softcaps

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Catch-Up Mechanic: Softcaps Empty Catch-Up Mechanic: Softcaps

Post by Gluscap Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:02 am

Softcaps have been added to the game. Admins can set a softcap for their players, they can set to any amount and can set the amount it will lower the gains by. When a player hits a softcap their gains are lowered by the amount the admin set.

Server Example
Gains = 25x
SoftCap = 1,250,000
SoftCap Gains = 0.25x

So when a player hits 1,250,000 their gains for that stat, and that stat alone will be 0.25x of what it used to be. If it took them a day to reach 1.25 mil, it'll take 4 days to reach twice that.

Demon STR mod = 2
Human STR mod = 1
Angel STR mod = 0.50

Since they all have different STR mods, they're not all going to hit the cap at the same time.

Demon STR softcap = 2,500,00
Human STR softcap = 1,250,00
Angel STR softcap = 750,000

Soft caps take mods into account so that balance can be preserved across races.

Catchup Mechanic
Server Example
Gains = 25x
SoftCap = 1,250,000
SoftCap Gains = 0.25x

Player A is a human with a 1x STR mod. Player A spent 5 days training their STR to the softcap of 1,250,000. They then spent 20 days to bring it to double what it was before, 2,500,00.
Player B is also a human with 1x STR mod. Player B only has to play/train for only 1/5th the time Player A has to reach half their strength. They have to train the same amount of time to reach the same stats though.

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