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Reward Points Empty Reward Points

Post by Gluscap Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:56 pm

Reward Points

Reward Points are being reworked. They can now be used to redeem a number of things instead of translating directly into stats. This is so that people who are rewarded can use their points to advance their character/roleplay in any way that they want to. Reward Points are meant to both reward the player and help them affect RP more. RP can be used to redeem stats, skill points, ora points, mana profession EXP, masteries and manastones.

1 RP: 1000 x Statmod of any stat, 20 Mana, 10 mastery(600 for weapon masteries)
5 RP: 5000 x Statmod of any stat, 100 Mana, 50 mastery(3000 for weapon masteries), 1 Ora Point, 1 Skill Point
10 RP: 10000 x Statmod of any stat, 200 Mana, 100 mastery(6000 for weapon masteries), 2 Ora Points, 2 Skill Points, 300 Mana Orastone
20 RP: 4 Ora Pooints, 4 Skill Points, 400 Mana Orastone
35 RP: 500 Mana orastone

For everything but orastones they scale linearly upwards with the cost of RP. You don't get a "discount for bulk buying" points because it'll encourage gathering points and bring the focus away from using the point system to advance your character.

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Reward Points Empty Re: Reward Points

Post by renowner Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:06 pm

Oh cool. This gives a roundabout way of letting people figure out what their actual stat mods are, too. Although that 400 mana orastone. . . *evil contemplation* Twisted Evil

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