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Orastones/Oraweaving Empty Orastones/Oraweaving

Post by Gluscap Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:33 pm

Everybody gets a new resource called Mana. Mana is the energy within the realm that is produced over time and released in large amounts. Inhabitants of these realms slowly absorb Mana that is released and turn it into Ora to use for skills, fighting, etc. However a small bit is left over in the body that cannot be turned into Ora, that small amount can be compressed into special stones known as Orastones. You gain 10 Mana a month, 100 a year. You can used Orastones to world build and change your character. Changing Orastones into objects is called Oraweaving.

*Orastones cost 10k at the stores

25 Mana Orastone - Ora Key
50 Mana Orastone - Ora Rod
100 Mana Orastone - House
150 Mana Orastone - Spawncircle
150 Mana Orastone - Ora Cane
200 Mana Orastone - Clan House
200 Mana Orastone - Ora Scroll
200 Mana Orastone - Ora Jewerly
250 Mana Orastone - Broodcircle
300 Mana Orastone - Village
300 Mana Orastone - Ora Staff
400 Mana Orastone - Ora Orb
400 Mana Orastone - Ora Tome
500 Mana Orastone - Ora Portal
600 Mana Orastone - Ora Shrine

Each player has an Mana cap which is decided by their rank.

Rank 1 - 100 Mana Cap
Rank 2 - 150 Mana Cap
Rank 3 - 200 Mana Cap
Rank 4 - 250 Mana Cap
Rank 5 - 300 Mana Cap

If you're rank 1 and have been sitting on 100 Mana, you will not get anymore until you compress what you have into an Orastone.
The amount of mana you can safetly put in an Orastone is the same as your Mana Cap. Any amount of Mana you put into a stone after that has a chance of blowing the whole stone up.

You can combine Orastones, its a much safer route but a very slow process to do by yourself. With multiple people it becomes much easier. If you have an Orastone with 100 mana and want to combine it with an Orastone with 100 mana, you'll only get a Orastone with 110 mana. You get 10% of the second Orastone's mana added to the first.

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