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Melee Styles [Weapons]

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Melee Styles [Weapons] Empty Melee Styles [Weapons]

Post by Gluscap Sun Oct 05, 2014 5:47 pm

There are currently four different styles of fighting when in melee range. Unarmed, Sword, Axe and Lance. All of these have their ups and downs but they all take around the same level to master.

Unarmed is the basic fighting style. It doesn't use any weapons and uses the player's strength to determine how much damage the player will do with each hit. There is a base damage of 20 to compensate for it being so weak early, but the strength scales by 1.0. Each point of strength you get increases unarmed damage by 1 point, which is leagues ahead of any scaling weapon users get. The other advantage that unarmed has is that its the only melee style that uses zero fatigue when mastered. All other melee styles use some level of fatigue even when mastered.
Damage: Normal
Crit Damage: Normal
Attack Speed: Normal
Fatigue: Low

Swords scale have low base damage and scale off both dexterity and strength. While there is only one innate bonus for using swords, having high dexterity allows for a higher crit and dodge chance against foes. The one upside swords do have is their insanely high crit damage. The normal crit multiplier is 1.5x, swords are 4x.
Damage: Low
Crit Damage: High
Attack Speed: Normal
Fatigue: Normal

Axes have a lot of downsides, but make up for it with their insane damage potential. Axe damage scales off of strength, doubly so in fact. The higher your strength, the harder you can swing your axe. Along with the 0.25 strength ratio, strength also plays a part of how much damage you get from the weapons base damage. The higher strength and mastery you have, the better the weapon damage. Its possible to even double the amount of base damage an axe has.
Damage: Very High
Crit Damage: Low
Attack Speed: Low
Fatigue: High

The lance is a very balanced weapon. It has no real weaknesses and is a staple choice at any stage in the game. Lances have high base damage, can get the highest attack speed possible and its crit damage and fatigue numbers are normal. The only reason why this isn't just an all around better choice is because of the abysmal ratio scaling it has. Standing at a 0.1 strength scaling at the moment, and regular crit damage there aren't many ways to increase the amount of damage that you can output with this weapon. Even though it does have a high attack speed its really hard to make use of it unless you have some way of holding your enemy down, and even then if they have high defenses (endurance, dexterity) you may not be able to do a lot of damage with just the base damage itself.
Damage: High
Crit Damage: Normal
Attack Speed: Normal
Fatigue: Normal

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