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The Demoniverse and Visiting the afterlife

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The Demoniverse and Visiting the afterlife Empty The Demoniverse and Visiting the afterlife

Post by Lordofoaka Thu Apr 30, 2015 12:41 pm

The strongest demons during the end of their life will be half of the strongest humans possible power. Because of this, I propose a solution for making demon hunters attempting to beat demons, more interesting.

Demoniverse Portals: When a demon is powerful enough, it may travel to the Demoniverse through a portal it generates with its power. This will be "late life" content. Inside the demoniverse, the demon is inside its own pocket universe that it gets, but, it gains twice as much power then it had outside, while inside, stacking with anything other demon power boost. This puts the demon at late game powerful human stats. The only way the demon may leave the demoniverse is through its own portal it made that only closes if the demon leaves. Once the portal collapses, everyone inside gets a time limit to leave before getting force teleported out the demoniverse. The demon may take the form of anyone whos soul the absorbed while inside the demoniverse. Angels cannot enter the demoniverse. Only the highest rank of demon may do this.

Ascending to Heaven: Angels may choose to ascend to heaven where they may see the people who died and speak with them, but, cannot interact with them. Demons cannot ascend to heaven; neither can humans. Only the highest rank of angel may do this.

Embedding: Humans of the highest rank get a special ability. They may create bane specific weapons to demons, angels, or other humans. Being that players races aren't revealed to each other directly, the player gets to guess here.


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The Demoniverse and Visiting the afterlife Empty Re: The Demoniverse and Visiting the afterlife

Post by Solus13 Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:47 pm

I think the ideas are good but the adding of an afterlife in any form, in my opinion will lessen the game. In your heaven realm the people who have died, will they be actual players or npc's? If they are players then you are encouraging people to not commit to the bloodline system and linger on their current characters.


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