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Why I Currently Don't Want To Play

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Why I Currently Don't Want To Play Empty Why I Currently Don't Want To Play

Post by Lordofoaka Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:53 am

I really have not been feeling like playing much ever since the gains I get from monsters is 0. This is the largest part of what makes me currently not want to play. I know during an update it should be fixed, but, until then, anything I gain is really just useless being that anyone can just gain that from pure afk training. This reason here takes the most cake.

Hard caps are not necessary as there is a meta-hard cap already in place in the game called decline. Some may argue that demons may live a very long time and get too powerful, even though it gets harder for a demon to meet their quota each time they extend their life. This means that as long as players aren't reckless, they will never really have to worry about a demon eating them. If someone breaks RP in order to get a kill, they would get banned. Honestly if some player is good enough to earn the points they have, let them is what I say. Other players didn't try as hard don't get it. In all fairness, there is a meta-soft cap already in the game as well. Once a player is so strong that they one hit kill the strongest regular enemy, they pretty much cannot gain stats that way anymore. This does not take the cake entirely, as even someone who doesn't play the game as much will still and always fall short, nor is it the end of the world if they lose.

I realize this is alpha and so I won't blame features not being here on a reason, because I already like this game enough that I would play it constantly had paragraph 1 and 2 been false.


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