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Renowner, Although this is a staff forum.

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Renowner, Although this is a staff forum. Empty Renowner, Although this is a staff forum.

Post by smdytb1 Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:11 pm

so... out of curiosity i decided to ask the playerbase about Renowner.
and this is what i got.

1: (Will post after week)
2: (Will post after week, thanks forum limitations)  note that some messages repeat

i myself have never given an opinon about Renowner, However if i did. That would impact my judgement.
(although i will give you one anyways)

Overall Renowner is a beneficial player to Boundless. Albeit alittle Condemning on the side.
He reports bugs as they are found, and directly(if possible) tells glus about them.

I think he is Beneficial, And Condemning. thats really all there is i would say about Renowner.

p.s. Always ask Renowner before making him admin, don't give him it out of the blue. (seriously. don't, always ask. even if its not Renowner)


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