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Safezone Yes or No?

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Safezone Yes or No? Empty Safezone Yes or No?

Post by Solus13 Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:42 am

So SmD keeps saying that he wants the safezone gone. May I say that is a terrible idea. Yes most rp games do not have a safezones but most rp games do ntt have a common race that needs to kill to live.

Reason against safezones.

It is too big.
It makes demons lives harder
Most rp games dont have them
people camping in them

Reasons for safe zones.
Demons already too op
Good spot for players to gather for rp.
Weak players are easy prey.

Now to go into each point properly
 It is too big.
That is right the safe zone is pretty expansive. If it was limited to just the inside of the Embassy/Castle that would seem much more reasonable. Most people do not care to attack others outside of sparring. Yet with the limited chat range it can be a pain to talk to someone while sparring as you have to be so far away.

 It makes demons lives harder
That is true but demons do not have to put in much effort with the average player. Yes there is a whole thread about the easiest or hardest to play race so I will leave it to them to break that down. What I will say is that in the games lore the angels are protecting the humans out of self interest. Almost hearding them in towns and cities where they are safe from demons. That sounds like a safe zone to me. More over if a demons wants to absorb someone then they should just look for people,in the woods or better yet people weakened by fights in the Deep Woods. Nearly all players venture out to train, hunt, find materials or resources or just go home. A demon who is not just camping in the safe zone has plenty of chances to kills someone and eat them provide they are not lazy.

My personal opinion on that issue is Get Gud Demo.

Most rp games do not have them
A foolish reason. Just because something has never been done before does not mean is should not be done. If we thought like this all the time we(humanity) would never invent anything.

People just camp in the safe zone and do not leave it.
Players who just camp the safe zone and train are some of the weakest players stat wise (unless they are one of the EC that seem to not be generating rp but got boosted for that very purpose.) If a player is camping the safe zone and rping with others then they are still adding to the game. Just because they can not be attacked is not a big deal. Unless people want to make this game more like a pvp. What matters most is the progression of rp and the flowing on the games story to keep players interested. If stationary players can provide some of threat then why punish them when they will not be of mechanical significance?

Demons already too op.
 Yes demons are strong. No you will not likely beat them in a fight if you have just made and they may eat you. The answer to this be smart. Demons are firece like tigers.thus you have to be Anansi. Be smart be cunning and rp well. Mechanical advantages like stats and Ora are not everything. Even the weakest player if they rp well enough and think on their feet can turn a situation to their advantage. I am not saying it will be easy. Your character will of course face danger. Yet you can find allies and people to help you alot eaiser if you rp.

Good spot to gather for rp.
 You can literally gather anywhere. If you want to gather somewhere safe have a player house that is passworded. If you want to meet someone dangerous in a safe place then have back up. If they are too stong and your back up is not enough then that is the risk you take.

My opinion on that one is Get Gud peps

Weak people are easy prey
  Yes they are and thus they are encouraged not to solo at first but join a clan interact with others for safety and rp. Plus demons need to eat people of a close strength to them and digest for 2 years. This does not stop a demons from intentionally staying weak and feasting at low level then training up. It does however mean that he will be murdered by that persons allies or an Angel looking for some easy divinity. After all weak people are easy prey. Yet this links back to the previous section and not everything being decided by mechanical advantages.

All in all I think a safe zone is a good thing personally but there are good points either way. Still in keeping with the games setting and providing an good starting area for new players to flee to when spiders are going to eat them is a nice way of letting the inexperianced get an initail feeling for the game. This also helps right now as the ko times bug out randomly.

Good reasons and bad reason for  keeping or getting rid of safezones.
Personally I do not need them ic currently but feel that they help the game both in rp and in verb/mechanics


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Safezone Yes or No? Empty Re: Safezone Yes or No?

Post by Lordofoaka Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:52 am

People can build a house if they are new and even set a password. Really is no reason for a "spawn" safe zone to be honest. If someone kills a new player, the player can not only instantly make a new character, but, the other player may get banned and so really nothing was lost. I would say make it a rule not to fight inside the castle. There needs to be safe zones though. Safe zones are crucial for people to rp in an rp server in a civil way. It wouldn't really be good rp if literally the entire world was just trying to kill each other Armageddon style without anyone being able to have a place to make friends and join clans.


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Safezone Yes or No? Empty Re: Safezone Yes or No?

Post by renowner Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:54 am

I actually agree with Lord. Safe zones are necessary, and there's no reason not to have them. From a simple RP standpoint, if there's a powerful castle, (eventually a heaven, and a demon realm) You'd be lead to believe they all have guards, armies, things to detract intruders and attackers. Just because we can't have 20 actual people on a server at all times to stand around and do guard duty doesn't mean we just have a random castle EVERYONE lives in that's undefended. And that's just from a -pure- RP standpoint.

Actually mechanics wise, I see no reason not to include them. We shouldn't have people blowing shit up, attacking, and killing where people spawn and conglomerate anyway. IT doesn't make sense. A stray blast could rocket in and kill someone talking to Zenzen, a spar could go everywhere and knock people away, etc. It would be more likely to just promote a demon to go and gobble up any new character, or an angel to slay any new demon. If safezones are added back in it won't inhibit the abilities of those races to do their thing, noon's going to stay in the safe zone their whole life. and the forest is the best place to attack or rob people anyway.

People just camp in their houses way more than the "Safe zone" anyway. And we don't even have build-able doors yet! Like, seriously. Why don't we have doors?

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Safezone Yes or No? Empty Re: Safezone Yes or No?

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