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Renowner's Bug Emporium!

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Renowner's Bug Emporium! Empty Renowner's Bug Emporium!

Post by renowner Fri Apr 17, 2015 12:15 am

Well first off i'd like to say that I've only been playing this game for not even half a week, and i'm already hooked. I Think its pretty great, especially with how unfinished it is, and I find myself rooting for its continued success. I figure the best way to show this would be to place all the little bugs and anomalies I've noticed about the game in a nice easy to read area for any coders or admins to think about and deal with in the future. So without further ado, let's get started.

First off, here are some generic bugs and glitches I've noticed:
-Rpp is broken and useless. (100 taken away for punching, 10 taken away for being punched. gained maybe +2000 more stats than I would've at best for 3000?) I also don't think they scale with the server gains, which makes them even more useless.

-Kuikkuripu (Zanzoken/flash step) Doesn't work. (Even tested with having kyusokankan activated too, since the flavor said it was an advanced variant thereof.)

-the dex boosting anger stops ever proccing activation after its activated twice. (Compos Mentis)

-Ora 5 and as a result human ascension is bugged. In fact, all oras seem to be bugging out now. Some aren't able to be mastered, and all seem to be getting further mastered than should be. For example, my ora 4 is now down to 2 drain. and my ora 5 to 13.8. (One person couldn't master 4 with 6 drain even)

-Lust demon decline stealing doesn't work. Demons don't gain decline for increasing rank. Or presumably for soul absorbtion.

-Dexterity and the components related to it seem to behave oddly or not at all. "Dodged" Seems to almost never proc. I've tested 600,000 dex against newly spawned players and feeble spiders, and they still seem to be able to land hits almost every time, and hit with equal attack speed. Movement speed seems to work as intended, but only to a degree. As movement speed at the higher levels seems sporadic and buggy.
--Take for example, my character moves fairly fast. I put on my ora, and gain the +3 total move speed passives. I seem to move the same speed. I fly, with mastered flight for increased speed. I seem to move the same speed, but faster diagonally. But after i'm done flying and med my ora off, I seem to move faster. As if the movement speed and dex boosting passives don't apply until after they're dispelled once.

-Focus is buggy in multiple ways. Firstly, it does not show up in the commands, or skills tabs. The only possible way to use it are to make a macro, or type it in the command bar. Second, if you use focus while your Ora is up, then dispel it. The boost will stay with you until you relog, permanently, and there will be no drain. Thirdly, it doesn't actually seem able to be mastered. the drain never lowers, but the boost SLOWLY grows higher each tic. (+1-2 dex each tic. which is basically nothing anyway.)  Coupled with incredibly high drain, over 2x what my ora 5 drains, and the fact that the dex boosts DON"T stack with ora boosts, (as in, no ora, it gives +100,000 dex. In ora 5, I gain +100,000 dex. its independent of ora boosts.) Make it basically useless. I'd recommend making it more masterabe, and making the boost scale with your ora.

-Makyuu does not deal damage, and does not go through tiles. It does however destroy trees.
---Makyuu also gives mental experience. (What I call the magic/resistance area of stats) However, it does not give ora points. As a result you can reach negative points needed for the next ora. To fix, simply self train or meditate until you gain ora points and it eventually goes back to the positive. The glitch doesn't seem to have any negative or boosting abilities, so it isn't that important. However, the rate at which I could spam my mastered makyuu and train magic was incredibly high. may need a slight rework, but then again, maybe not. And yes, mastered makyuu also doesn't deal damage.
----Makyuu will also damage YOU (For ABSURDLY low amounts of damage. around 2,500 when my magic is 1,975,000 and my res is 65,000.) if you're fast enough, and move in the direction you fire while firing.
----- Just tested it, Makyuu ONLY trains magic, regardless of stat focusing. (Focused res still trains magic.) But it trains at a very very high rate. I was able to afk train it for about 5 hours, and gain 650,000 magic (Doubling my magic.) with 25x gains.  I'd reccomend cutting its gains in possibly half, or a quarter even. As even with the soft cap being implimented, it will still be just too fast.

-You can be ko'd while flying, and you'll look as if you're just standing, not looking ko'd.

-If you equip or unequip anything, toggle flight, or anything that changes your icon sprite your ora's icon will fade completely. The boosts will not.

-Its possible to steal from yourself if you're ko'd. If you do, you will take twice what you tried to steal, and it will dissapear completely from the inventory.

-Reboots do not destroy items in the overworld, I still have around 100 weapons from blacksmithing scattered around. We really need a destroy verb.

-If you drop something in the beds in the spawn castle such as gold, it will despawn and be lost forever.

-Sometimes dropping things drop it in front of you (In the case of components and materials) or on your tile (In the case of weapons.)

-Grab sometimes doesn't work right. You also can't even grab ko'd players.

-Attacking is somewhat buggy, and lacks any fluidity. Might also be a cause of the lack of any variations of attack speed despite hundreds of thousands of dexterity difference:
-you cannot move and use a repeat attack macro.
--if you use movement, you cannot attack until a few tics after, even with a macro.
--- only .click attack really seems to work decently ,and even that tends to bug. Revealing the "Cannot attack blah blah" code into the chat.

-Fetuses are bugged and don't work.

-Ore only spawns on server reboot, i'd recommend making it periodically respawn like mobs, but perhaps at a slower rate.

-The skill teleport does not work, but will still show the "cannot teleport inside a house!" message if it applies. Or the "not enough ethereal" message if it likewise applies.

-certain edit sheet variables, such as stats and age also seem to instantly reset upon being changed.

-Unarmed mastery seems to rise based on strength focus training. Seems a bit unfair.

-Unsure if this actually follows, but you might want to make weapon power scale with server gains. Since lances only gain 10% damage from strength, to unarmed's 100%. The fact that lances have 200 more power won't matter when everyone has a million strength, if the best you can do is double a weapon's power. (And only if its an axe.)

-Unsure if size-based stat mods are actually working correctly for humans. As every human small i've had assessed. (Just mine, so only two.) Have had the same exact mod in every stat. Which seems unlikely. (7s and 12s, though the 7s were likely glitched.)

-Some tiles of player homes seem to be undense, in the way that you can fly over them. I"ve even heard that he could fly into OTHER homes by abusing this. Additionally, the lack of doors or chests to store items or lock things indoors is rather sad.

-Rarely, someone will remain ko'd for far longer than should be. Hours even.

-Rarely, I hear on ooc of someone somehow managing to kill themselves by using their Ora. I'm wondering what's going on, but can't really say I've witnessed it myself.

-Unlock Power only gives the option to unlock yourself, and the only text box selectable is "No" As in, not to unlock. However, it unlocks anyway. Additionally, afterwards, you cannot use unlock power on anybody else, even though it appears in the right click menu when selecting any character, it will give the message: Sorry, the following is not valid: (Person's name).0x3000064 usage: Unlock-Power mob

Whew, that took, awhile to get down! But now, its time for blacksmithing related bugs:

-Anvils are not usable.
--they also bug permissions, and make the actual owner of the anvil be read as not the owner.
---axes are always created with 0 stats in every possible cap, as seen in the professions tab when molding a weapon.
----Weapon inspects seem bugged, giving some weapons b-s and other letter grades in stats, despite every weapon having no points since anvils aren't usable. It also doesn't seem to be based on the cap, but the material itself with absolutely no logical though. (For example, a special rank 5 material weapon only had an f- in stamina, and nothing anywhere else. But a rank 1 material had a B-, C,C,F,and F. respectively in each area)
-----If a reboot happens while an item is being molded in the forge, it will never mold upon coming back. At least this was the likeliest cause, as it happened once. It was correct through tampering with its variables in the edit sheet.
------ Can't use space to mine ore, and the tutorial only explains you use space to do things. Never referencing that you can also left click. This caused me considerable confusion for quite some time.

And finally, this section is for bugs relating solely to my character, the valiant Seth Grove! He's proven that even a debilitated and glitchy character can be well known. Many of the earlier glitches apply to him as well, but for the sake of repetition, i'll only list those that aren't anywhere else.
- stat mods are permanently 7 across all stats. presumably he kept his child gains on after adulthood. However, I know that the stat mods were not equal before adulthood, since all 5 stats grew at different rates. (As a small)
- Cannot ascend. Could not master ora 5.
- decline is 140 for who knows why. It was tested to not be a result of unlock power, which only gives 2500 rpp and 5 Op.

I believe this proves that our young mage is in fact a Deity from another world! A half-god man who was sent here to teach us the ways of magic and metalwork! With his blue divine hair, his weak stats, and his ability to make friends and over come. . !
Or glitches probably just like me and my character.

The glitchy messiah!

Anyway, this final section is just the afterword. Most of these aren't glitches per-say, or just me giving thanks. All in all, I thank any of you who stuck around long enough to read this catastrophe, and wish you all a pleasant gaming experience!

-there's a random area of land in the ocean, and i'm unsure if it was accidentally left in to icon test, or if it'll hold a much cooler point later on. But as it stands, it just looks weird with no real outlines:Renowner's Bug Emporium! 713cff827c

-I feel like the ora stat boosting passives are useless, since they also don't scale with gains. +7500 in a stat is nothing on a 25x gains server. (The public one)

- Soul absorb should only be for killing people, and should have a limit. as it stands demons can live forever and are broken. Its really just stupid that they can just freely steal life force from people, already making the other races even worse in comparison. They already have so many ways to not only improve their lifespan, but LOWER others to boot! And since mastering oras will be harder later on, humans won't be able to ascend and be on par with demons before they're drained, quite possibly.

-You can abuse alt accounts to train, or do things like clan invite them to rush a village. I'd recommend an anti-alt implementation in the future, booting one if they fight, or attempt to be in the same clan, or unlock power if its fixed.

Credits to Smdytb1, and various others for helping me find and catalog these anomalies. Seth Grove, and anyone with the patience to read up to this point.

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Renowner's Bug Emporium! Empty Re: Renowner's Bug Emporium!

Post by Gluscap Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:21 am

Will fix these and place a fix on some of the abusable stuff. Should be finished with the new update tonight (as in, 18 hrs from now).

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Renowner's Bug Emporium! Empty Re: Renowner's Bug Emporium!

Post by renowner Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:07 am

Oh cool, thanks for the response! I wasn't sure anyone would put the time in to read all this. I also edit it pretty frequently when I notice/find new information about things. Would it be easier for me to make new posts about the new info, or to just edit it? (The new edit this time is that makyuu training is broken, in the sense of unbalance.)

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Renowner's Bug Emporium! Empty Re: Renowner's Bug Emporium!

Post by Gluscap Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:38 am

new topic would be better

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Renowner's Bug Emporium! Empty Re: Renowner's Bug Emporium!

Post by renowner Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:40 am

Alright then.

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