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Test version bugs.

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Test version bugs.  Empty Test version bugs.

Post by renowner Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:00 pm

The change icon verb seems to very rarely work for reasons i'm unsure of. All my icons are within the same dimensions, and yet i only managed to change the icon correctly once out of the ten times I tried.

A host cannot give themselves admin if they use a shell, (Same problem as before) I feel a remedy to this could be a toggle-able feature that allows the first person to log on the server be set to head admin. Worst comes to worst and someone abuses this, they'd just restart the server since this would only matter in the first minute anyway.

Ora mastery refers to "Aura" in the mastery section, not "Ora."

The section where the shop NPC used to be at human spawn is now empty and devoid of purpose. a useless impassible shop stand.

Talking to Zenzen freezes your character permanently, unable to finish talking to him or select a weapon. the only solution to this is to relog, but even then the text box is still up, forcing you to very likely have to fully reboot the game.

The version number for the test version at log in says its version 1.00. I thought it was 0.99?

Angels spawn at the human spawn currently, not the angel realm. Their sense technique also is in a tab all of its own, the "commands" tab, with an S. The only verb ever there is "Sense" which toggles the sense tab. I would prefer you just always have sense activated, rather than having to devote two entire tabs to one technique. it isn't saving any room considering the commands tab is larger than the sense tab, and therefore takes up more space than sense would even if it were permanently used.

I feel like you should have angels and demons spawn with human grade mana and hp maximums. Humans are already very easily stronger than both races early on, (Post Ora 4) and having angels and demons have only half of the hp and mana bars to use puts them at an even greater disadvantage, making it also harder for demons to rank up, who are supposed to be the feared race early on. (They won't be able to fight higher ranked angels with lower power potentially due to their lower hp and mana stats.)

The hell spawn, although cool looking, seems largely unfinished.

- The NPC Teriv's first text is cut off due to length, subsequent messages making no sense to me. It sounded like completely random ramblings. As if they were all meant to be one off texts from talking to the npc each next time, except, you can't stop talking. you have to go through all 6 text boxes before you can finish the dialogue.

- NPC Talia doesn't work. left clicking and using space won't open a dialogue.

- NPC Dailoren only opens his shop with left click. making it extremely convoluted as to when you're supposed to left click, or use space on an NPC. i'd prefer if both worked, especially since left click doesn't work outside of 3 tile range anyway. it doesn't really save time.

- NPC Darioette is also impossible to open dialogue with, making this NPC completely unusable.

- Hell seems to have no mine-able ore veins, and only one enemy npc hellspawn, right at the exit to the spawn. Everywhere else is devoid of any scenery mobs or life.

Stat gains seem fully bugged. Everyone gains stats the exact same rate, and every character gains every stat at the exact same rate. I tested on three characters, and every stat of the same kind I'd train. (Magic/res with meditate or str/end/dex with train.) All were exactly the same, always. i trained up to 500 physical stats even with a LARGE demon, and he had the exact same stats on the physical side, all 3 gaining +1 at the same instant. And he's a large, dex is supposed to be low in comparison to the other two. This seems universal to every character who created, but i cannot tell if its a training bug or a bug with the randomly rolled mods, since nobody on the shell could have Adminship for reasons I've stated above.

I've been unable to find any way to open the Ora Passives menu.

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