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Boundless v0.1

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Boundless v0.1 Empty Boundless v0.1

Post by Gluscap Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:47 pm

Players draw energy from the planet they're on and use it to increase their own capabilities. All five aura tranformations have been added, with their respective requirements.

Aura Passives
For every 5000 stats a player gains, they gain 1 aura point which they can use to unlock Aura Passives. Aura Passives give the player extra boosts while they are using their aura.

Basic clan system is in. You can add and remove people from your clan.

Basic housing system is in. Every player can build their own house. There is no option to decorate the house at the moment. Clan leaders can build a clan house which is much bigger than the regular housing. Requires 10 people in the clan.

Basic melee is in. All you can do at the moment is attack, techniques will be added at a later date.

Backbone structure for weapons has been added. Unarmed, Sword, Axe and Lance are the current ways you can fight. They all calculate damage differently, and each have their own masteries. Check the forums for more information.

Spawn Stones
This allows for players to jump right into the roleplay. People can create spawn stones which allow players to spawn directly on the spawn stone. They can be passworded or left blank, allowing anyone who creates to spawn on it.

Age has been added into the game. Younger players have less health and mana than older characters, and have less access to their stats.

Reward tools were made so that admins could easily reward roleplayers. Admins can give out reward points which the player can then use to power up their stats. One stat point is worth 100 of any of the main five stats.

Death is permanent in this game. Once dead, the player is sent to the death map where they can't gain anymore. They do have full access to their stats regaurdless of age, so players can have OOC battles while dead.

Training is pretty simple in the game. You can focus on whatever you want to train and then just hit the train button. It doesn't drain anything, and you can do it forever. Its slow however, but its an easy way to dump reward points. There are other ways to train like sparring.

There is currently no currency, only resources in the game. Simply dig to get resources, there are a large number of different types of them. Currently only solid resources build anything; solid resources can be used to build weapons and spawn stones.

You can increase your movespeed by gaining more dexterity.

There are three types of anger a player can choose from. When a player's character becomes angry in battle, depending on which anger the player chose they'll get a different boost in power.

The player can choose from three builds; small, large and medium. Depending on what the player chooses, their mods will be different. Mediums have the potential to have the best mods.

Each player has a mod for their five main stats. This mod will decide how fast the character will gain said stat.

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