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Skill Tree Empty Skill Tree

Post by Gluscap Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:14 pm

You can read about the new skill trees here:

Progress: Everything is completed except for the skill Kosen. [Jul. 6/2015]

Every player starts with 2 skill points.

Each skill has 5 levels of mastery, everytime you raise it a level you get a message saying you did and 1 skill point.

Mastering a skill gives you 2 skill points.

Getting a skill to level 2 is pretty easy.

2 to 3 and 3 to 4 are medium, slowly increasing in difficulty.

4 to 5 is pretty difficult, but mastered versions of skills are usually much stronger than their previous forms.

Mastering skills in the Beginner tier will lower the cost of skills in higher tiers by 1. Mastering skills in the Intermediate tier will lower the cost of skills in higher tiers by 2.

If you master 1 beginner tier skill and two intermediate tier skills, the cost of that trees advanced skill will be 5 instead of 10.

You can get any skill you want at any time as long as you have the points. Character skill progression does not have to be linear (but it is easier to progress in skills linearly).

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