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Weapon damage

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Weapon damage Empty Weapon damage

Post by renowner Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:16 pm

So weapon damage ALSO seems incredibly low. At least for swords. With a 17 power sword, I do 39. Potentially with a crit, as my opponent registered NO damage, twice. Despite my dexterity being literally three times hers. With a zenzen weapon, I do around 47 per hit.  

Zenzen's power is 30. My sword's power is 17. But the damage is both abysmally low for both ,as well as signifigantly lower on my NON zenzen weapon. (Which are supposed to be awful. But upgrading damage is impossible, since each material only increases damage by 3, or 4, and damage starts at ten)

Now, let's get the stats down.

My opponent's endurance was 4700.

My strength was 6900.

My dexterity was 8400.

I'm stronger in every regard, by a large amount.

But the damage was so small, even after wasting all 5 swings. (0 stamina after) I did around 100 damage to my opponent. And it was instantly healed off.

So now, weapon upgrading is glitched.

Stamina drain is glitched.

Improving damage is basically impossible.

And weapon damage is incredibly low.

(For comparison, one unarmed strike did almost 300 damage.)

For all of this, server stat gains were 1x, and year speed was 1440.

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Weapon damage Empty Re: Weapon damage

Post by Gluscap Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:50 am

Buffed weapon dmg appropriately.

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