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Cross breeding glitch

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Cross breeding glitch Empty Cross breeding glitch

Post by renowner Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:19 pm

Nephalems can be born without anything in stats, except race type. (No hp, or mp, or stamina or anything.)

If a Nephalem breeds with another race, and the child is a hybrid, you cannot create. As it does not give you a race, and you can't be created without one.

A rank 5 demon and a rank 5 angel making a Nephalem baby, had only human-grade stat mods. 33 decline, and didn't seem very special. (Both humans were larges.)

If a player makes fetuses "Allow login" Then makes another character who mates again, or just becomes pregnant. although the fetuses will still say "Allow login" You have to dis-allow login, save, and allow login again for people to be able to make into the child.

Rank 5 Angel+Rank 5 Angel= Rank 5 angel with human stats, and the 4x stat bonus. for a total of 4x gains. At birth.
(This likely means rank 1 angel + rank 1 angel = rank 1 angel with human stats. Which would still be insane.)
(Decline was 34 though for some reason. Perhaps breeding is glitched to give angels human-statistics, but keep the trans?.)

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