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Certified vs Uncertified.

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Certified vs Uncertified. Empty Certified vs Uncertified.

Post by Solus13 Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:46 pm

While I understand both have there place and their reasons for existing I have a little problem with Uncertified servers. The message that comes up when you login (in red no less a hostile colour) makes it seem like the only reason for a Uncert server to exist is that people want to get away with admin abuse. This then drives away new player which is the penultimate of shitty.

Now I understand you feel you have to tell people that there are no coded admins there. Fair play for wanting to be honest. yet making the message on them red and worded in such a way while making the message on cert servers green feels like a mean marketing ploy. On designed to keep people on cert servers and under control and starve out uncerts.

Now I know Gluscap is a cool dude and would not do that. After all it is only cause of his permission that uncerts even exist. Still to a newbie looking for a server seeing a big ol' red message warning about if they get fucked over by an admin they are on they're own sends the wrong message when the server was formed to give people an option that deviated from what was available already.


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