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Buildable Objects for Houses/Villages

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Buildable Objects for Houses/Villages Empty Buildable Objects for Houses/Villages

Post by Lordofoaka Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:38 am

Demon Shrine: A character may sacrifice themselves here. The demon will become the shrine until a character gives birth here, which the character will be able to come back with a set of special skills.

Demon Spire: The spire allows every player who gets chosen by a character with a soul bind spell gained from the demon spire, to make their decline bind to the character, which could be an angel. Once any character dies from anything, they all die.

Soul Forge: Players get to sacrifice decline in order to make a special time of metal bar that can be used in a regular forge. The bar can be used for a witch potion that temporarily doubles all stats.

Spider Nest/Hell Gate: Allows for players to spawn spiders or hell spawns from and can be upgraded, inside their clan or village.

Mine: Allows players to make a mine inside their village which can randomly spawn super powerful monsters or cause a collapse that hurts players. Mines can be specific. Can use the same format for a farm or other things of that nature.


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