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Ora and Mastery training rate.

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Ora and Mastery training rate. Empty Ora and Mastery training rate.

Post by renowner Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:35 pm

So I understand that Ora mastery and weapon mastery need to scale with year speed, and will be generally slower. However, the rate at which Ora masters currently. . Is completely inexcusable. For instance, this is me after a day of Ora training on a 1440 year speed server. (Used to be 2880, but you know .glitches make it basically useless past 1000 anyway.) and in that time, and after spending a day AFK self training, my masteries are as follows: Ora and Mastery training rate. C00d0c47d2

As you can plainly see, at this current rate. It will take 300 days, (300 years) to master my ora. Which is just . . . awful. Especially when the human ascension is supposed to be the easiest. My mastery will likely take 30 days, or 30 years. Which is pretty bad, but as long as you can also train it through fighting, isn't infallible. Well, actually. I take that back. I think weapon mastery needs to still train at least twice, to three times as fast, especially for demons. Or perhaps make it harder as you get past 10,000, and 20,000 respectively.

Point is, as things stand. No-one, not even angels will ever master their Ora. not without an AFK training script, and even then, they'd need to have a LOT of decline. Nobody except a fully ascended human or an angel who can self train 12 hours a day for 40 days will manage to master any ONE weapon mastery either.

Note: I am an adult ,small human. I have the most mana of any possible race or character in the game, that just started. God forbid you're a child, an angel, or a demon. And mastering past ora 1 will be even more difficult, as the drain rises.

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