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Silent Ora hidden dragon

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Silent Ora hidden dragon Empty Silent Ora hidden dragon

Post by Solus13 Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:41 pm

Who else loves the new human Ora five with ascension. The idea that a humans max Ora does not display as a graphic is great. With the sad removal of the safe zone it means other races will have to think twice before just running up to people and attacking them. After all they could be an op Ora five mastered human with ascension active ore than ready to lay a beat down on someone. Even if a mastered Ora five not showing is a bug I think it should stay this way on humans.


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Silent Ora hidden dragon Empty Re: Silent Ora hidden dragon

Post by renowner Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:58 pm

Well human ascension only puts them up to 1.7x stats/gains. So they're still below demons. Though our mana pools are bigger, and if they're a rank one demon their mana pools are horrendously low. (1220 as a small.) So against low level demons, we could use higher leveled Oras to fill the gap. Its still a cool system, I hope safe zones are added back in, or at least a toggle for them when Gluscap hotfixes sparring gains.

Wait Human ora 5 doesn't display? I"d still be careful using it, as the drain is 50 now mastered. (I think, Gluscap was talking about it.)

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