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Admin [Authority Levels]

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Admin [Authority Levels] Empty Admin [Authority Levels]

Post by Gluscap Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:38 pm

There are five levels of authority for admins. As a general rule of thumb admins that have the same level as one another have the same authority.

Level 6 - Staff
Game staff (i.e. people who work on the game) have the highest authority in the game.

Level 5 - Coded Admins
These admins are just here to make sure everything is running smoothly and there is no admin abuse going on. A sort of mediator between the players and the admins.

Level 4 - Hosts
Hosts have ultimate control over how they would like their server to operate. Staff don't meddle with servers and the authority level of coded admins are determined by the host.

Level 3 - Admins
Usually the head admin. Appointed usually by the host, second in command of the server and able to promote/demote/remove/add admins.

Level 2 - Game Moderators (GM)
They moderate the game much more closely and take a more proactive approach when moderating by attempting to enhance the player experience.

Level 1 - Moderators (Mod)
Moderators usually make sure that the rules set in the game are being followed.

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