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Makyuu training

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Makyuu training Empty Makyuu training

Post by renowner Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:44 am

Makyuu does not cross over tiles, and does not inflict damage. However, sometimes while you're moving and fire it will hit YOU (If you move into it) and cause incredibly low damage. (2,000 when my res was 60,000 and my magic was 1.8 million.)

Additionally Makyuu can train magic, and only magic. If you stat focus resistance it will still only train magic. However, the rate at which it trains is obscene. I AFK trained it for about 5 hours ,and gained 600,000 magic. Just about doubling my magic in that sitting. HOWEVER it will be worth noting it only gains 2-4 magic per shot, until I meditate at least once since logging in. Of which case then it will gain 70-150 per shot. I'd recommend cutting the gains to as little as 20%. Still allowing it to be an effective form of training, but not being as abusable for AFK training as it currently is, eclipsing even sparring.

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