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Boundless v0.3

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Boundless v0.3 Empty Boundless v0.3

Post by Gluscap Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:49 pm

Fragmented Year
Fragmented the year into 10 so that year based events can be tracked more easily and world saves happen more often.

Players can mate with players of the opposite sex. Mating creates a fetus in the mother's inventory, where she can click on it and edit info such as the name and password(if they set one). Players logging in can choose to spawn from a fetus and if they want their genes to be a hybrid of their mother and father, or father dom/mother dom. The player gets their mods from whoever they choose. If they choose hybrid and both parents are Large build, they will be Large build as well. If the parents are of opposite builds and the player chooses Hybrid, their build will be Hybrid(which works very much like medium).

Brood Stones
Added in Brood Stones. They're like Spawn Stones but are for clan leaders to grow their clan. Players who choose to spawn from brood stones get mods similar to the clan leader who made the stone and they get the same build. They spawn at the stone.

Players can now form villages. Players can do so from the Misc section, it works very much like clans. Clans can create a clan house at 5 members, Villages can create their own village (a 100x100 map) at 15 members. Players can actually build their house and clan houses on this map.

Clan/Village/Who update
There is a new verb called Clan/Village who which gives you a list of all the current people online in your clan/village. Who has been updated to work like Clan/Village who verb, all three lists people in alphabetical order now.

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