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Boundless v0.2

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Boundless v0.2 Empty Boundless v0.2

Post by Gluscap Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:48 pm

*Player Build Descriptions

*Item Descriptions [Right click on items and inspect them for the description]

*Item descriptions added. Player made items can have their description changed by subscribers.

*Character Profiles added. Players can make a profile for their characters and customize it as they wish, or make their profile unviewable if they want. [Double click on a player to view their profile if its active, or right click on them and choose profile]

*Login Screen added. Hosts can now put whatever they want on the login screen.

*Say Verb Spark added that puts an exclamation point above the character when they speak. The exclamation point is the same color as the player's text color.

*When the player is roleplaying something will appear over their head to let players know they are typing.

*Players can now make from the age range of 4 - 21. [Previously 12 - 21]

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